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Dermasleeves LLCarmguards_pair_fb_ad is proud to announce the addition of two new sizes to the Dermasleeves bruise guards line a extra small and a extra large size. They are manufactured from the same high quality materials that our other Dermasleeves are made from. All Dermasleeves bruise guards are  machine washable and gentle on your skin. Dermasleeve also has all sizes that were previously out of stock available for you to purchase. Before ordering you bruise guards please visit our SIZE CHART page and follow the simple instructions to measure you arm.sizechart_sm

More Size Large Bruise Guards and Two New Sizes Coming Soon!

BEFORE & AFTER PHOTOSFirst I would like to thank all of our customers  for their support and patronage.  Our sales have been better than expected over the last few months and due to the popularity of our large size bruise guards we are temporally out of  larges. Our manufacture is running  a little behind  on production but we are working as hard as we can to get large size dermasleeves  bruise guards back in stock as soon as possible. Not only do we have a big shipment of larges on the way but we are also adding  two new sizes to our store.  Many of you have let us know that the small is a little too big or the large is not quite big enough, so  very soon we will have a extra small and a extra large size dermasleeves bruise guard. We hope that this will let you get the perfect fitting bruise guards so you can quit worrying about your arms and start enjoying your life again.  We hope to have both new sizes and a good supply of large bruiseguards  in stock again by the end of August at the latest. If you would like to be notified by email when the large size bruiseguards are back in stock or when we start selling the extra small and extra large size bruiseguards,  just use our handy contact form and  let us know  which sizes you are interested in being notified about.


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A Great Article About The Medical Causes Of Easy Bruising

Below is a great article I recentlly found on about the causes of easy bruising it is very detailed and well worth the read if you are interested in why you bruise easy and the medical conditions that can cause easy bruising. The page also has a symptom checker and links to other articles about the medical cause of easy bruising.

Easy Bruising Symptoms

By  WILLIAM C. SHIEL JR., MD“A bruise is a traumatic injury of the soft tissues that results in breakage of the local capillaries and leakage of red blood cells. In the skin, bruising can be seen as a reddish-purple discoloration that does not blanch when pressed upon. A bruise can sometimes be associated with a temporary raised area in the skin. When a bruise fades, it becomes green and brown as the body metabolizes the blood cells and bilirubin pigment in the skin. A bruise is best treated with local application of a cold pack immediately after injury.”

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Why People Bruise And Cut Easily.

Many people are living with medical conditions such as diabetes, psoriasis, eczema, cellulitis, or that have to take blood thinners or have thin skin from steroid use or too much exposure to the sun. One of the problems that people with these conditions and that take these types of medications have is easy bruising and tearing of the skin. If you have any of these conditions especially diabetes you are at a much higher risk of picking up a serious infection from even the smallest scratch. Why is easy bruising so common in older adults? Some people especially women are more prone to bruising than are others. As you get older, several factors can contribute to easy bruising, including:

Aging capillaries: As we age, the fatty tissues supporting the blood vessels weaken, and capillary walls become more fragile and prone to rupture. The weaker capillary walls make it a lot easier to bruise. The reduction in fat under the skin make people much more subject to getting bad cuts and skin tears from the smallest nick.
Thinning skin: With age, your skin becomes thinner and loses some of the protective fatty layer that helps cushion your blood vessels from injury. While we are all subject t o this aging effect it tends to be more pronounced in older women
Sunlight Exposure: . Excessive exposure to the sun accelerates thinning of the skin by breaking down the collagen in the skin. UVA radiation, while also damaging the epidermis, penetrates deeper into the skin to the level of the dermis. UVA not only harms epidermal cells, it also damages collagen and elastin, which make up the structure of the dermis and keep the skin resilient. Blood vessels can also be harmed by this type of radiation.
Steroid Use: Cortisone steroids can cause of thinning of the skin (skin atrophy). This is a known possible side effect of long term steroid use. Many Strong topical corticosteroids can cause skin atrophy if applied too frequently and for a prolonged time without a break. Although early skin thinning can disappear if the topical corticosteroid is discontinued, prolonged use can cause permanent stretch marks and a loss of fatty tissues supporting the skin.
Blood-thinning drugs: Asprin and Warfarin (Coumadin) or medications such as Plavix reduce your blood’s ability to clot. The result of this is bleeding from capillary damage might take longer than usual to quit this allows blood to leak out of the capillaries and can cause a bruise. Taking these type of medications can also increase the risk of infections from of getting cut since the cuts take much longer to close up and heal.
Peoples arms are the easiest place to bruise or cut yourself while working around the house or in the yard. You can be careful and try to remove any sharp or bruise causing objects from your daily routine. Also wearing a protective device like Dermasleeves Bruise Guards will protect you from all but the hardest bruise causing impacts and cut causing sharp edges.

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Derma Sleeves bruise guards offer an extra layer of protection to those who bruise easily such as the elderly, people who use blood-thinning medications and people with blood disorders.

A shock shielding layer helps absorb the impact of bruise causing bump-ups while antimicrobial technology allows the fabric lining to prevent bacteria and odors.

Derma Sleeves offers protection from the upper hand to the elbow.
Derma Sleeves Helps to Prevent & Heal: Unsightly & Embarrassing Bruises on the upper hand and forearm
Scrapes, Tears & Abrasions on the upper hand and forearm

Wear Derma Sleeves during your normal daily activity to protect against bruising and tears normally acquired during your daily activity.

Derma Sleeves are so comfortable to wear, having beautiful skin again is EASY!

With Derma Sleeves neutral color, many people wear Derma Sleeves during outings to further aid in prevention and healing of bruises and tears.


  We are confident that you will be happy with your results after wearing Derma Sleeves daily for 30 days. While many people see       marked improvement in their skin much earlier, we suggest wearing them daily for 30 days to see MAXIMUM results. When you see the difference with your own eyes, we’re sure that you’ll never want to be without Derma Sleeves again!

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