Derma Sleeves bruise guards offer an extra layer of protection to those who bruise easily such as the elderly, people who use blood-thinning medications and people with blood disorders.

A shock shielding layer helps absorb the impact of bruise causing bump-ups while antimicrobial technology allows the fabric lining to prevent bacteria and odors.

Derma Sleeves offers protection from the upper hand to the elbow.

Derma Sleeves Helps to Prevent & Heal:
  • Unsightly & Embarrassing Bruises on the upper hand and forearm
  • Scrapes, Tears & Abrasions on the upper hand and forearm
  • All of these so common in people with thin skin
Wear Derma Sleeves Every Day!
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Wear Derma Sleeves during your normal daily activity to protect against bruising and tears normally acquired during your daily activity.
Derma Sleeves are so comfortable to wear, having beautiful skin again is EASY!
With Derma Sleeves neutral color, many people wear Derma Sleeves during outings to further aid in prevention and healing of bruises and tears.
We are confident that you will be happy with your results after wearing Derma Sleeves daily for 30 days. While many people see marked improvement in their skin much earlier, we suggest wearing them daily for 30 days to see MAXIMUM results. When you see the difference with your own eyes, we're sure that you'll never want to be without Derma Sleeves again!

Derma Sleeves are available in 5 sizes and are machine washable!

Derma Sleeves NO-RISK Guarantee:
Wear Derma Sleeves every day for a full 30 days and if you don't see the incredible results with your own eyes, return them for a full refund! We are CONFIDENT that you will be thrilled with your results!
NOTE: Derma Sleeves is guaranteed to be free of manufacturer defects or we will replace your product at no cost.
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The Benefits Of Wearing Dermasleeves Bruise Guards:

  •   Completely protects your arms from bruising!
  •   Stops cuts and scratches in their tracks!
  •   Reduces the risk of infections for diabetics and the elderly!
  •   Breathable, you can wear them all summer long & enjoy the outdoors.
  •   They are thin enough to wear under long sleeve shirts on those cooler days.

 Our Bruise Guards Features:

  • Made from synthetic material that breathes and will not absorb sweat.
  • Thumb loop and Velcro fastener to keep the bruise guards in place.
  • Multiple sizes and a stretchy base material guarantee a great fit.
  • Our special flexible padding covers all high risk areas.
  • Free fast shipping and satisfaction is guaranteed.
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Information for Medical Professionals
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"Derma Sleeves, I want to tell you how pleased I am with the protective sleeves I got from you. I bruise easily and I need something like this. They are comfortable and easy to wear, thank you so much for letting me know about some thing so helpful."
Betty Charles Cochran , August 31, 2011

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Download a printable single page brochure about Dermasleeves here:

Stop Worrying About Your Arms & Start Enjoy Life Again.

Bruising easily can make everyday things like cleaning your house or working on your favorite project a unpleasant experience. When you spend more time trying to avoid bumping your arms and looking for those little things that can cut your skin it is hard to enjoy your life. The good news is that as long as you are wearing  Dermasleeves bruise guards, arm protectors for thin skin, you can go about your life with the knowledge that your arms are protected from harm. Even if you don't bruise or cut easily you can still benefit from our bruise guards. Some folks use bruise guards to protect expensive tattoos  from scratching and fading when at work or outside. We have customers that wear them picking black berries and working on their cars to prevent scratches and cuts. Another customer trains dogs and wears our Dermasleeves when working with them to stop being scratched by their claws. Try our bruise guards arm protectors today, stop worrying about your arms and start enjoying your life.
Please Choose A Size Before Purchasing.

forearm protectors for thin skin